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An enterprise metaverse platform that enables true teamwork, collaboration and social interaction – 100% physical with 0% social distancing. Unlimited screen space in a fully immersive room and feel-good factor in premium graphics.

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Education. Presentation.

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VR Glasses

Are you an “Oculus for Business” user? No problem, we fully support it.

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To learn about the necessary hardware/software requirements and available license plans, please visit our helpcenter FAQ. If you can’t find the information you need, feel free to contact us through our chatbot for help.

and experience great locations

Designed for the best feeling and highest productivity. RAUM comes with a set of industry-leading virtual locations.


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as an incredibly good-looking avatar

Choose yours and experience what real encounters with others as a digital avatar can feel like.

Shaping your digital mini-me should be as fun as working with RAUM. Design your virtual self and dress for the next meeting.

Good looking

Choose from various pre-configured looks and wait for the insane configurator that will be available soon.

Highly performant

Avatar performance is critical for MMO, so RAUM Faces are performant and configurable simultaneously.

create with the best tools

We have created a beautiful palette of tools to make your work playful, creative and fun. Flexibility and creative expression are the core of RAUM.

and with tons of free content

To support the transition from 2D remote collaboration to real collaboration in the virtual world. RAUM contains a constantly growing library of 3D content. So take a look at our “ready-to-use content”, which you can start using immediately.

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“RAUM is gorgeous. They have really explored the possible use cases for Virtual spaces in VR and already met several unexpected needs! Truly a leader in the VR office and meeting space”​

Catherine D. Henry​ XR Consultant for Business

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“Fast wie im richtigen Leben!”​

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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“the coolest meeting I have been in this year!”​

Craig Vodnik, Global flexible billing entrepreneur of @cleverbridge

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“I love RAUM! Great platform for collaboration!”​

Sophia Moshasha, Technology Strategist & VRAR Association Vice President- DC Chapter

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“I was tremendously impressed with how intuitive it all feels inside: the tools, the many witty ideas to make it fun and efficient… and the space is so beautiful that you immediately feel good and peaceful in it the minute you enter. Definitely my first choice in all collaborative platforms I have tested. Congratulations!”​

Michel Reilhac, Head of Studies for Venice Biennale College

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and start your
own virtual raum

We rethought price plans as well. The hosting party pays their guests it is free of charge. Not paying per user provides greater flexibility in using your virtual space. Therefore we charged per workspace and features and not on a per-user basis.

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Try before you buy and explore a public try-out space


No registration required
team license pro


Optimized for small teams and solo professionals.


billed annually

400€/Month when billed monthly

team license biz


Fully fledged enterprise feature set without limitations.


billed annually

2.500€/Month when billed monthly

and benefit from

raum cloud manage

RAUM cloud
share your documents between your browser and VR. Access sessions through your web browser.


unlimited user invitations
Could you invite as many members to your workspace as possible without limits? Your subscription and configuration limit simultaneous access.

raum workspaceslot buildupon

pay for the land and get the building for free
choose any RAUM location to build your virtual space. Rent as many landmarks (workspaces) as you need for your business subscription.

raum usp platoe renovation

flexible workspace configuration
furnish your workspace according to your preferences.

extended management features
from access control over templating to team and pool management.

raum service

service & support
benefit from our great support and service offerings to get you ready for the metaverse.

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