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Enter a new world of collaborative work

RAUM is a virtual reality collaboration suite, that enable users to shift their work from PC, Tablets and Mobiles to VR. With its compelling tool set and ease of use approach, RAUM is targeting different analog and digital markets.

Virtual Offices

Enableing true teamwork for tomorrows digital nomads


Simultanious multi-user environment 

Exhibition / Sales

Enabling 365 day exclusive showrooms 


Visual prototyping, design and creation

Meetings & Events

Providing space to gather,  exchange and socialize


Creation of knowledge and its visual communication 

RAUM is developing the post smartphone era, where data and digital tools become vivid and tangible.

our mission is to create todays most sophisticated digital work environment for extended reality​

a spatial ecosystem, in which third-parties can offer their services and work becomes productive as never before

get on board now​ and see the future of
digital interaction yourself


experience the pitch deck in RAUM – no worry we will ship a HMD in case you and your team do not have your own.

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