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Experience the most natural Virtual Reality Interaction
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had with any Software

New team formations

Fast and global access to expertise and experience

Working with space

Muscle memory, body motion and infinite screen estate, enable true war rooms with infinite square meters

Stimulating environment

A dream of an office space, calming and thus driving creativity. A real new business class of work environment

Raise efficiency, save resources

Reduce carbon footprint while avoiding travel times and reducing office space

our mission is to create todays most sophisticated digital work environment for extended reality​

Designed to accelerate your creativity

Our natural user interface approach gets your creativity on speed in just a few minutes. Our philosophy is to re-imagine your daily workhorses. We have created a beautiful palette of tools to make your work playful, creative and fun.

Draw in space

Drawing is one of the most powerful ways to express thoughts. Drawing in space ads a new dimension not seen in reality yet

sticky note
Speech to text

Use your voice to write down thoughts in the same speed your think them

Drive stories

Use building blocks to develop your story. Select from many templates to help you organize your thoughts


Build tangible ideas without programming skills and without learning new software

Capture moments

Use the camera to conserve moments and recall ideas, like you do it in real life

whiteboard cut out
Canvas boards

Select from a vairty of different canvas boards to help bringing things in order

world map close up
Map visually

Illustrate strategies, contexts, markets, roll outs and much more

wrist watch
Be in control

Never get lost or late. The timekeeper right at your wrist

„Fast wie im richtigen Leben!”​

Süddeutsche Zeitung



„the coolest meeting I have been in this year!”​

Craig Vodnik, Global flexible billing entrepreneur of @cleverbridge



„I love RAUM! Great platform for collaboration!”​

Sophia Moshasha, Technology Strategist & VRAR Association Vice President- DC Chapter



„RAUM is gorgeous. They have really explored the possible use cases for Virtual spaces in VR and already met several unexpected needs! Truly a leader in the VR office and meeting space”​

Catherine D. Henry​ XR Consultant for Business



„I was tremendously impressed with how intuitive it all feels inside: the tools, the many witty ideas to make it fun and efficient… and the space is so beautiful that you immediately feel good and peaceful in it the minute you enter. Definitely my first choice in all collaborative platforms I have tested. Congratulations!”​

Michel Reilhac, Head of Studies for Venice Biennale College



Enter a new world of collaborative work

VR Glasses


RAUM team subscription

Book your team access without user limitation

1.725 €/Month


RAUM workspace subscription

Book workspaces, accessible with up to concurrent 50 teammates

275 €/Month

contact us for education and cultural promotion licenses

Get your team ready!

tech. Team Onboarding

Get your team ready. Up to 10 Participants in an hybrid format.
60 Minutes


Working in Virtual Reality

Get 10 teammates ready to work in VR
90-minute workshop


RAUM workspace templates

Get templates especially designed for specific use cases

Corporate bundles

We lower the entry barrier for companies and bundle software, hardware and services into an all-round package.

All packages are optimised for your needs. Number of devices, logistics, training and workshop support – everything is possible.

We make you fit for working with Virtual Reality so that you and your company can take full advantage of it.

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Mobile VR

compatible with Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2

OculusQuest One
OculusQuest Two