September 20, 2023
by RAUM Editor

At the Open Raum Collaboration session, Björn Becker from Lufthansa introduced the Allegris Metaverse Lounge—a game-changer in the airline industry.

He explained the background and the benefits for Lufthansa and their exciting plans.

“Since February, we have been able to show our Allegis product to over 10,000 people – this was possible with the help of our VR and AR Allegis showcases – compared to a physical demonstration, we probably saved over 90% in costs.”


The Benefits:

1. **Cost Efficiency**: saves costs compared to traditional physical product demonstrations

2. **Global Accessibility**: It reaches a global audience without geographical limitations.

3. **Immersive Experience**: Users explore the offerings through immersive VR experiences.

4. **Future-Ready**: The adoption of metaverse technologies keeps companies competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

watch the session below

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