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Together we want to enable organisations to use the power of RAUM making their business ready for a digital future

Our partners enable RAUM customers to become vr superheroes and therefore enhance their performance through the use of RAUM

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Blended Learning Academy

At the Blended Learning Academy, we live and breathe blended learning. For almost ten years, we have been at home in both face-to-face training and virtual classrooms.
at home. We have specialised above all in the areas of New Work and New Learning. We help companies to make their employees fit for digital working and train trainers.
and train trainers & coaches remotely in digital and hybrid formats.

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The current management of ImmBlend GmbH has been active in personnel development and consulting for banks and financial service providers for many years.
In the search for solutions to implement immersive technology in the use cases of precisely this target group, it quickly became apparent that there were no suitable solutions on the market.
So ImmBlend GmbH was founded with the aim of offering these solutions to financial service providers and SMEs:
To make these technologies accessible to financial service providers and SMEs and to integrate them into everyday sales and personnel development.
The motto: “Virtual Reality has come to stay”.
LüdkePartner RAUM 1

Lüdke + Döbele

The design and optimisation of interpersonal interaction and cooperation – whether with customers and partners or with colleagues – has been at the forefront since Lüdke + Döbele was founded around 20 years ago. The Lüdke + Döbele team supports companies holistically with a range of consulting, coaching and accompanying project and change management, both in external (customer) communication and in internal organisational development.

ThinkStar RAUM


# Think.Start VR combines training experience with modern technology. Our vision is an intensive and sustainable training and learning experience anywhere in the world.
Spontaneous, creative and authentic knowledge transfer has shaped our actions for years. For us as trainers, the digital transformation is also an important building block for saving important resources.
XR CAcademy RAUM 1

XR-C Academy

Better than real – XR-C Academy GmbH enables impact through Virtual Reality (VR) in training, coaching and consulting. Our trainings and certification programs are scientifically sound, cross-platform and field-tested. The leadership trainings, management workshops and consulting services offered enable collaboration and effectiveness on a level that cannot be achieved in face-to-face formats.

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Creating collaboration between and within teams – no limits.

CrossCollaboration supports teams and companies in implementing VR in their business. With approved training formats CrossCollaboration enables people in their first steps in VR and trains them to use VR self-sufficiently in their every day business. Furthermore CrossCollaboration supports companies in identifying opportunity fields for implementing VR and create new business models with VR. For more general information on metaverse, CrossCollaboration offers a Knowledge Base for technology and methods on their website.
CrossCollaboration is an interdisciplinary team including expertise in neuroscience and learning, business consulting as well as innovation and strategic management.

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Immersive Learning Academy

Immersive learning Academy

Torsten Fell with his Institute for Immersive Learning ensures professional training with the Genius program for RAUM’s customers. He himself has already been using our solution for his own learning and consulting scenarios for his customers since April 2020.

Here, for example, in the certification as a VR/AR-Trainer or VR Collaboration Expert, different Spaces from RAUM are used and interactive workshops and trainings are conducted. He also uses them for events, e.g. Christmas parties or ALUMNI meetings of his participants.

The focus here is on interaction and the use of the 3D possibilities.

He also uses RAUM for project meetings or consulting sessions, thus complementing the media possibilities of his business model and creating additional added value. business model and creates additional added value for his customers.

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