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get dressed for the metaverse

hunt for style

Go out to shop for those items that make a unique lookExplore different shops and hunt those items that make your avatar. Enjoy a near-real-life shopping experience and stuff your digital wardrobe.

Be the one in a trillion combinations to stand out. 

Choose from an already massive library of shirts, heads and eyewear to makeup, lipsticks and nail paint. 

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Insane selection and customizability

choose between 10

make up styles

ico vg mkeup

more than 90


ico vg lipsticks

select between 90

nail colors

ico vg nailpaint

over 100 different

hair colorations

ico vg hair colorisation

dress up with over 100 different


ico vg apparel

update your look with over 80 different


ico vg headwear

select between 200 different


ico vg goggles

choose one of over 20


ico vg haircuts alt
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style on the go

Makeup before jumping in the next meeting. Change your style on the go directly from your home space. 



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put a motif on 

Put a print on it and make your shirt stand out. Upload motifs to your user profile and choose when dressing up for the next occasion. 

shirt 1




shirt 1

recreate your self

Make it truly yours! Start with one already-designed avatar, dive deep into every pore, and create your own RAUM avatar. Tweak your avatar to the limits with the most fun editor you have ever used. 



Why don’t you have fur? Accept the digital evolution! We do not want to glitch and flip to be part of your experience, so we reduced the avatars to a technically reliable basis. 

(Darvin from ape to man to mombie to avatar) 

see it in action