TOOLS created to create,
express and amaze

RAUM has an incredible, intuitive toolset that fosters collaboration and enables the creation of amazing things.

designed to create

From complex software to intuitive and easy-to-use collaborative tools – We reduce the complexity of software by re-thinking tools and functions to set our user’s creativity into focus. Therefore, we design tools analogue to the real world and enhanced them with the capabilities of virtual reality.

full spatial

Our expanding multi-user toolset and ready-to-use contents are designed for you to work in three dimensions and to make using them very easy and efficient.

raum from windows into files

move from windows to

You can leave tiny displays behind and start thinking in war rooms. With RAUM you start working inside a multi-purpose spatial document.

from zero to productivity

Through our design philosophy of natural human interaction, we minimize the time to learn new software and increase productivity through 3-dimensional work.

raum learning curve

create with the best tools

We have created a beautiful palette of tools to make your work playful, creative and fun. Flexibility and creative expression are the core of RAUM.

Draw in space

Drawing is one of the most powerful ways to express thoughts. Drawing in space ads a new dimension not seen in reality yet

sticky note
Speech to text

Use your voice to write down thoughts at the same speed you think them

Drive stories

Use building blocks to develop your story. Select from many templates to help you organize your thoughts


Build tangible ideas without programming skills and without learning new software

Capture moments

Use the camera to conserve moments and recall ideas, as you do in real life

whiteboard cut out
Canvas boards

Select from a vairty of different canvas boards to help bringing things in order

world map close up
Map visually

Illustrate strategies, contexts, markets, roll outs and much more

wrist watch
Be in control

Never get lost or late. The timekeeper is right at your wrist

and many more

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amaze and create everything

RAUM is your fully equipped virtual office accessible to talents from around the world.

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