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what is it?

The content provided will help users to implement their work in RAUM quickly and without delay.

Ready to Use Content : In terms of content, the aim is to enable our clients to work efficiently in RAUM from the very beginning. To support the learning process of working spatially and visually, which we have unlearned by working in front of a screen, we have decided to provide a foundation as a starting point. That’s why RAUM offers an ever-growing library of ready-to-use content that lets you get started right away so you can focus on what’s important. Here you will find tools, 3D models and workspace templates to strengthen your skills.



KeyFeatures: a growing amount of content that is generated periodically and helps to demonstrate the benefits of working in RAUM within an organisation more easily.

fully optimized VR content 

all included – no extra cost  

available basic sets for immediate start  

activation based on customer, no developer work required  

reduction of external VR specialised work  

introduction of content pack’s

scope and purpose:
Content Packs contain different symbol sets, special tools such as Canban boards and/or BLOX to support a specific theme. Of course, the user can mix and match this content as desired, but our goal is to provide a defined start to a specific theme.
Example Orbit: This contains a defined symbol kit with planets, moons and rocks of our solar system. Based on this example, a content kit can contain one or more specified contents.



Curious about the Weltraum? RAUM provides you with our solar system to plan you next trip to mars or simply educational purposes.

contains planets, Moon & Rocks symbole kits

Content Pack ORBIT Kit


Visualization is a key aspect in communicating and understanding things. It tremendously improve the group’s understanding of problems and their solutions. With the Workshop Tool Kit from RAUM you have a powerful tool at hand to take your creative workshops to new heights. 

contains Workshop Tool, Geometrics, Arrow and Lines, Poly People symbol kits and a huge set of canvas boards



Even VR wants you to get rig of old thinking, Text is one of the oldest communication methods and therefore relevant for you. Use Text, Numbers and Symbols to communicate or visualize.

contains Emoji, Numbers & Letters

Header ASCII
Header EconomyKit


Economic sysems can become increasinly complex. To visualize complex intersections of such systems…

contains Finance & Banking and Crypto symbole kit


IT systems

IT systems and networks can become vastly complex and hard to get. Transforming a company to a digital one is a task of its own. Spatial visualization makes designing complex system a breeze. This kit provides you with the most common systems and devices, ready to draft your next transformative project.

contains a Network & Boxes symbole kit

Header ItNertworkKit

in conclusion

Content packs help the user to get a quick start in spatial and visual work. In addition to the content, the packs also provide further inspiration for working in RAUM.

speed up your VR learning curve  

no extra cost at all  

constant growing  

more information for your enablement

Would you like to find out more about how you or your organisation can get the most out of RAUM? Then visit our Help Centre, where you will find many tips and tricks. Or book a RAUM GENIUS training for yourself or your organisation. If all this is not what you are looking for, you can also ask our partners for support.

symbol workshop kit front


symbol people kit front


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