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Visualizations tremendously improve the group’s understanding of problems and their solutions. With the Workshop Tool Kit from RAUM you have a powerful tool at hand to take your creative workshops to new heights. The Tool Kit contains a wide range of symbols that will make your workshop lively and impactful by visualizing ideas scenically in the space. The kit can be used with many workshop methods and formats.

3D Assets : Symbols


This kit covers most of your workshops right away. The tool kit is a large collection of carefully curated symbols, covering nearly everything you need to get started.

299 Symbols included
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symbol geometry kit back
3D Assets : Symbols


various geometric shapes ready to build …

74 Symbols included

arrows and lines

Display dependencies, relations, or processes. Arrows and lines got you covered.

71 Symbols included
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symbol people kit back
3D Assets : Symbols

poly people

a variety of low polygon people for you spatial illustration

33 Symbols included

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