We are delighted to have you
on this metaverse journey.

Quick Start Guide

1. the invitation email

Check your inbox, you will receive an invitation mail from noreply@raum.app
in some rare cases you should also check your spam folder.

Note: hurry up, the code is valid for only 3 days. request a new invitation if you missed it this time

invite emailinvite v2

2. get your headset ready

Charge it and don’t forget to recharge it later.
Connect it to a stable WiFi.

raum virtual reality

download RAUM to your VR device for free

storebadge applab negative

Note: Avoid company WLAN, and if you experience connection problems, switch to a mobile hotspot on your smartphone. network specs

3. jump into RAUM

Start RAUM in your headset

invite startapp oculus menu

Switch the keypad to “Enter invitation code”.

Enter the invitation code from your email with your virtual finger.

RAUM InvitationCode

Teleport towards the balcony and find the workspace to which you were invited.

Touch it with your virtual finger.

RAUM 1stSteps enterWS

enjoy collaborating

PS Do you want to choose your avatar in advance?
Navigate to the mirror and choose a preset avatar first.

shirt 1

To dive deep into avatar pimping follow the link

raum logo flat