Avatar setup

Avatar1 Wardrobe

jump to the wardrobe

This is the place where you will be able to select your Avatar based on a preset for now. In the future you will be able to adjust and build your own here, too. 

Avatar1 Edit

start the process

Touch the “let’s start with a preset” button with your virtual fingertip to start the process. 

ProTipp: in the mirror you will see how you will look like.

Avatar1 preview

select your preset

You can now choose from a female, divers or male set of preconfigured Avatars.

Use the left and right arrow buttons to see the complete options.



Select the preset Avatar by touching the “cycle icon” button which shows the avatar.

You will see the Avatar now in the mirror in front of you.

If you like your selection, please press “Save” and leave the configurator by pressing the “close” button.