Avatar setup

Avatar Wardrobe

Jump to the wardrobe

This is the place where you will be able to adjust your Avatar for now and in the future.

Avatar Edit

start the process

touch with your virtual finger the „edit“ button to start the process. 

ProTipp: in the mirror you will see how you will look like.

Avatar preview

select your preset

As of now, we have implemented a workaround till our own Avatar system is ready. Please select by using the „next“ and „prev“ button to choose a preset Avatar

Avatar Confirmation


Select the preset Avatar by touching the „select“ button.

A message underneath will be displayed „Saved Restart app tp app“ when it was successful.

Please restart the app to apply your selected Avatar.

ProTipp: You can close the app via your watch.

Avatar Reset


You always can reset your Avatar to the original from Oculus by activating the „reset“ button.

Do not forget to restart the app.