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The Background

RAUM is moving to a new backend to support the next step in our development phase to scale the business and enrich the feature set. What does this mean? You will now be able to access RAUM not only via the Virtual Reality Application, but also on a web backend. Depending on your role, you will now be able to access the images they have created in RAUM and upload data (e.g. images, videos, presentations) for use in RAUM.

In addition, we optimise the VR experience in the „lobby“ area, where you now only needs to know your personal 4-digit code (PIN) to enter the workspace. For many workspaces, it was a strong request from our users to implement a friendlier way to manage multiple workspaces. This wish was listened to and implemented, which requires the changeover.


Each user of RAUM receives an email informing them of the changeover and the steps they need to take to prepare. This email also contains a unique PIN code that is.

1.) is required for the first access to the web backend, where the user must choose his or her personal password

2.) is needed in the VR application RAUM as an identifier.

It is therefore important that you do not pass on the PIN.

Please note: If you have your own device, you will need to enter your PIN in the VR app approximately every 10th of days. If you have a shared / borrowed device, the PIN will be requested one hour after the last login.

The email contains a URL: to access the web backend and a URL explaining the necessary activities for a successful changeover.

Here you can of course also tell us if you want us to remove you from the system, but then you will not have access to future RAUM activities.


1.0 Select the Link in the email which allows you to define your password


1.1 Enter your Email address and the provided PIN and then click on the Login button.

Log In empty

1.2. Please confirm the Privacy Policy and Terms& Condition

Note: If you do not confirm it, you will not be able to join RAUM

TC lagre

1.3 Please enter your password, by following our requirements to generate a strong password. Repeat the password and confirm by “Set Password”.

Password Conf

1.4 Please re-login

Login New
Login New2

1.5 You can now view your Details and the workspaces you assigned too and your role. These Title view you will see also when you launch the RAUM app on your VR device.

Workspace Overview


2.0 Please Update your RAUM application

RAUM needs Update
RAUM Update Warning

2.1 Start RAUM application

RAUM Start1
RAUM Start

2.2 Enter your PIN

Enter PIN

2.3 In the Lobby you will now see all Workspaces you are assigned too. By selecting one you will enter the workspace.

Note: each Workspace Tile will display additional information, e.g. Speech to Text language, total capacity, Host active, etc, but furthermore its represented by an individual pictures for better representation of the workspace.

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