with RAUM into the metaverse – WWK Versicherung on the move

9th April 2024: New dimensions for company pension schemes and employer branding

We are proud to accompany another innovator into the metaverse.

WWK Versicherungen plans to create unique metaverse experiences for its sales partners and potential employees in RAUM that have the potential to redefine communication and interaction in the insurance industry.

The project aims to create an innovative and forward-looking form of presentation for WWK’s focus areas of company pension schemes and employer branding. These initiatives are just the beginning of a series of innovations that will help people discover the world of WWK in an immersive way.

With WWK providing a pool of virtual reality glasses, access to these virtual experiences is made easier, opening the door to more efficient training and meetings that offer a valuable advantage over traditional ways of working.

“We are delighted to support such a Metaverse project, especially as WWK brings a clear vision and a strong pioneering spirit,” says Michael Gairing, CEO of RAUM. “We are convinced that the metaverse is an important part of the transformation for the insurance industry, which the latest PwC study* only confirms.”

For more information about the project and the exciting possibilities offered by the WWK Metaverse, please visit the WWK website: [click here]


About RAUM virtual Collaboration GmbH:

RAUM virtual Collaboration GmbH is a company that develops and distributes a Metaverse platform for the B2B sector with the aim of revolutionising the way teams and organisations work together. Users interact with each other in a focussed and intuitive way, without the distraction of other activities on the screen, in real time and as if they were in the same room – regardless of their physical location.