new license models

1st February 2024: new license models

We’re thrilled to unveil the next chapter in RAUM’s journey, inviting you to join us in embracing our growth. The time has come when VR and working in VR is reaching the mainstream. Therefore, a self-checkout e-commerce (onboarding) system that enables you, our user, to manage your costs efficiently is fundamental.

As part of this evolution, we’re transitioning away from our professional edition (PRO) and business edition (BIZ) license models by 31.12.2023, redirecting our focus toward more streamlined and inclusive e-commerce license options: PRO+ and BIZ+.

In addition, our entry-level license has been upgraded to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

These innovative models are available exclusively via self-checkout and start at €99/month (*annual license), including a one-month trial.

Moreover, our new enterprise license model (ENT), carefully crafted based on our extensive journey, meets the needs of corporations. It’s designed as the sole supported model for purchase orders and supplier setups, offered annually to ensure comprehensive enterprise solutions.

This transition marks an exciting shift towards more accessible, market-responsive licensing structures, and we’re enthusiastic about the journey ahead. Thank you for being an integral part of our growth story at RAUM!

Press Release - New license models

To provide further clarity, here are some anticipated queries:

What's the significant change?

We’re introducing more affordable e-commerce licenses and more services to align with market demands. The self-managed aspect allows us to deliver more services at a reduced rate, while our enterprise license caters comprehensively to corporate requisites.

What happens to my active license?

Your current license remains unaffected until its duration ends. Once it concludes, you’ll have the opportunity to transition to one of our new license models.

Will there be a lower or free version?

While we’re exploring the potential, as for now, there’s a public workspace accessible round-the-clock.

What if none of the offered licenses fit my needs?

If our current offerings do not meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are always keen to listen and develop based on market insight.

What happens in case I need support?

The new model will keep our support strategy the same. We continue to offer our Academy the first steps for free and the possibility to order our Genius training program or individually paid sessions as before.