Invitation process (new user) 

you are going to learn what to …

do first

RAUM Invite Email

read the email

You received an email with an invite to join a workspace. The email will let you know who invited you and your invitation code.

Please note, the invite is only valid a specific time.

do second

get the RAUM App

Also started and ready to enter the invitation code. Write down the invitation code, so that you can read it while wearing the VR headset.

The app can be downloaded below or in the store by search for „RAUM virtual collaboration

When you arrive at RAUM, please click with your virtual finger on the button “follow invitation” to switch to type in your invitation code (9 digits)

Note: you need to confirm the Terms&Condition with your virtual finger.

In case you need more assistance, you could also check out here

RAUM InvitationCode

get RAUM on

storebadge applab

access the workspace

Touch a workspace tile to enter the workspace. Each tile represent core details of the workspace, but right know you should have one only 😉

RAUM 1stSteps enterWS

do finally

RAUM Invite Email2

creating a RAUM account

After entering the invitation code, you will receive another email. Now you are invited to create a RAUM account.

What does it mean? you can manage your data, got a nice overview of all workspaces you will be invited too.

The email contains your PIN which could be used for your first time logon on RAUM management.

For more information check out the other tutorials.