first steps

step by step guide:

HMD on B

put on your headset…

…and start the RAUM APP.

The app can be downloaded below or in the store by search for “RAUM“.

get RAUM on

storebadge applab

you arrive…

…in RAUM and you will see a number pad in front of you. Here you can type in your PIN (4 digits), switch to type in your invitation code (9 digits) or check your network status

In case you enter the wrong PIN or your invitation code, a Message will be shown in front of you.

RAUM 1stSteps


in case you cannot reach the buttons, teleport closer.

Teleport is supported by key X (left controller) and A (right controller), but if you look close, you can see the functions represented as an icon at your virtual controller.

RAUM 1stSteps look left

in case you do not have…

… an invite code,  look next to the pad.

you see a trail workspace. You need to accept the terms and conditions of RAUM and the public workspace.


use the watch…

…on your left wrist you see a clock (turn your left hand facing). Here you can mute / un-mute yourself, check your speech time and your battery status. By tapping on the crown watch you can leave the workspace to jump back on the lobby to enter a different workspace.

Of course it also shows the time.

RAUM 1stSteps watch demo

get RAUM on

storebadge applab
RAUM 1stSteps enterPIN

enter your PIN

In front of you is a number pad, please enter your PIN by touching the numbers to get access to all assigned workspaces.

RAUM 1stSteps enterWS

select a workspace

Touch a workspace tile to enter the workspace. Each tile represent core details of the workspace.

RAUM 1stSteps Watch

close the app

After leaving the workspace via the crown watch, you can als close the RAUM app via the crown.