Finally I can say that I have my own avatar in the #iguverse (the industrial metaverse of #igus). ☺️🥳

September 24, 2023
by RAUM Editor

Finally I can say that I have my own avatar in the #iguverse (the industrial metaverse of #igus). ☺️🥳

To welcome our 45 colleagues out of 29 countries last week Michael Blass and I prepared a nice opening out of the iguverse to say „Hello“ to the group and to explain the agenda for the next days. ✌️(Special Thanks to Alexa Heinzelmann)

Do we use the iguverse to create only some fancy openers? Definitely NO! What is then your benefit? 🤔

✅Products, solutions, etc. can be designed faster through simulation and virtual prototyping

✅By addressing multiple senses the retention will be better than by listening to a PowerPoint presentation

✅You can reduce your error rate to zero due to test and simulation on a digital twin.

When do you plan your first trip to the iguverse? Let us know and we can arrange it for you! But now I need to check where I can get my virtual shirt in real life! 😎

igus #enjoyneering – unleash your engineering power with play!

Oliver Lawrenz

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