SAP Academy for Sales has safely landed in the metaverse

January 20, 2022
by Editor

SAP Academy for Sales has safely landed in the #metaverse!

“What an amazing experience and a great way to learn new skills!” was the feedback from the participants in the SAP Academy for Sales Virtual Reality (VR) pilot. The participants in the pilot used their creativity to design unique and engaging customer experiences in a virtual world.

Read the article below to discover why VR pilot participant, Joana Ramos , says, “We try to think outside the box. In VR, there is no box.”

The incredible team of Lyn Antonette ReyesFernando Sánchez LaraJulian Bender and Yasin El-Hendi demonstrated that VR is the future of learning. A special thank you to Tijs Van LierMary LangeKarina Montilla Edmonds and many others for all their support.

VR is the Future of Learning

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