Wonderful medium size stage with over 1500 m² for audience and performance.​

Available Space

Concert Hall 3 Terraces


Stage Backstage Two Level Audience


Blow up Poster 24/7 Worldwide Access Animated Cameras


Ocean view Day and Nighttime

designed to celebrate

We designed the OPERA as an architectural piece of art honouring the performance. The medium stage is created for keynotes and performing arts, all placed in a beautiful environment. We wanted OPERA to be a place for culture and society happening in the metaverse. Our design focuses on the feelings, emotions, and shared experiences of a worldwide audience. Make it yours and celebrate in OPERA.


Medium size stage with flexible configurations

opera template standard 2
opera template standard 5


private audio zone before stepping on stage.

great view

perfect viewing angles to follow everything.

opera template standard 7
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VR Glasses


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