gallery art fair

A large minimalistic art location with 4200 m² the perfect place for worldwide expositions.

Available Space

4 Open Halls Atrium Boardwalk


Floating walls Space for many exhibits


24/7 Worldwide Access
Animated Camera


Ocean view Day and Nighttime

a spark of art

Sharing the experience and meeting people who love art as much as you. Exploring pieces together, joining spontaneous conversations and meeting new friends and the artist him*herself. GALLEY becomes your perfect virtual place for your next vernissage. Combining four large exhibition spaces and accessibility from around the world to open your exhibition to a wide international community. The GALLERY is the place for your social happing with no limits in time and space.

boardwalk and atrium

space to socialize under the sky.

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exhibition halls

minimalistic architecture highlighting the exhibits. Great for exhibitions, corporate galleries and building journeys.

raum usp platoe furnished

use already furnished locations, designed on specific use cases

raum usp platoe renovation

design the interior yourself and set an initial starting point

raum usp platoe library

Access an ever growing arsenal of tools and furniture

use it for for free

within any existing workspace subscription.

VR Glasses


book additional workspaces for 275€ / Month

contact us for education and cultural promotion licenses

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