abstract the white

designed for focus and no distraction from the surrounding

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Shades of White

designed for focus

ABSTRACT is no distraction. You often want the focus to be on point; ABSTRACT is created for nothing less. Unobtrusive visual elements support the concentration on the essentials. With KeyColor, you can tint the entire world in a colour you like. The whole space is configurable to your needs. You can use ABSTRACT when the focus is critical.


variants of subdivided plateaus for many use cases

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RAUM klara sebhmd

key color

paint the entire world

raum usp platoe furnished

use already furnished locations, designed on specific use cases

raum usp platoe renovation

design the interior yourself and set an initial starting point

raum usp platoe library

Access an ever-growing arsenal of tools and furniture

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use it for for free

within any existing workspace subscription.

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