how to join

RAUM Invite Email

receiving an invite

Participating RAUM is on invitation only. Therefore, you shall have received an invitation email asking you to join a team, a workspace or both. The invitation code is for the VR app.

download RAUM via the applab link below

storebadge applab
RAUM InvitationCode

launch the App


enter code

Launch the the app on your headset and switch from enter pin code to Invitation entry by pressing the “follow invitation” button on our left with your virtual fingertip.

You will granted access as soon the invitation is validated.

You need to confirm the T&Cs of RAUM to see the assigned workspaces.

RAUM 1stSteps enterWS

enter workspace

Teleport to the workspaces area if you are not auto teleported already.

Select a workspace tile to join and touch it with your virtual fingertip.

Pro Tipp: Button can only be used while looking at them.

Pro Tipp: details of open hours or restriction are shown on the tile, so watch out.