your style, your Look – be unique 
 custom avatars


wanna meet your alter ego in VR ?

never seen your twin in Metaverse ?

Your avatar in RAUM – that’s you.

In RAUM you can be whoever you want. The closer he is to reality, the less you notice that it is a virtual person.

Connect emotionally with your avatar and you will notice how quickly you become a normal person in the metaverse with him.

Your avatar lives and develops – so do you.

The identification with our avatars is a powerful tool to experience the VR world as completely normal

metaverse collaboration

be yourself – also in the metaverse with individual characters.

avatar male

Identification as a necessity.

Our app gives you a wide variety of options to customize your avatar to your personal look.

This makes it easier for your employees to perceive you exactly as in real life.

Our goal is that we want to break down software hurdles with our collaboration. Therefore, our understanding is: the more realistic the environment, the more effectively you can work.

easy to handle 

Enter the Metaverse with your individual avatar

Choose from countless options for the right look.

Be just yourself in the metaverse with
our new VR Avatar Maker.

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Do yout want to be digitalized in the Metaverse? -Just talk to us!

not yet convinced?

Not sure about your needs or possibilities by individual Avatars?
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Rolf from RAUM will make it possible for you

Not sure about your needs or how the workflow becomes smarter?
don’t worry – just contact Rolf from RAUM

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