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RAUM team subscription

RAUM is not payed per user. Your organisation subscribes to a RAUM team subscription, that allows your organisation to use RAUM, host sessions, meet teammates and other participants.

RAUM workspace subscription

Meetings take place in a workspace (ger. WerkRAUM), therefore your organization need at least one RAUM workspace. Anyway, you can book as many virtual workspaces as you like and need for your purpose.

Your initial order consist of RAUM team and RAUM workspace subscription.

RAUM team subscription

Book your team access without user limitation

1.725 €/Month


RAUM workspace subscription

Book workspaces, accessible with up to concurrent 50 teammates

275 €/Month

Subscriptions automatically extend and are billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel RAUM workspace subscription and RAUM team subscription seperatly.


Each additional RAUM workspace comes with a unique workspace access code, individual configurations, and settings. Meaning you can configure any workspace to different use-case scenarios.

Additional workspaces are needed to host a parallel session with different settings (e.g. Languages). Additional services and special support require additional bookings.

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