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charity christmas event

12. December 21:00 PM CET

RAUM for Children – introduction of “wir für Pänz”

30 years of dedicated work for families with children who are disadvantaged by chronic illness, disability or developmental delay and/or poverty – that is “wir für Pänz” (We for Children).

The range of services has been continuously expanded over the past three decades – always with a view to the needs and welfare of children and families.

A journey through time (in German) of the history of “wir für pänz e.V.” can be found here.

Pänz Logo 2007

the event – part one

panel discussion

Tired of talking about the metaverse at a panel discussion? So are we, which is why we will be holding the panel discussion in the RAUM and in a slightly different format than you are used to.
But the most important thing is that we have managed to attract a top-class team.
Be curious.

panel theme:

the METAVERSE: Past – Present- Future


Leslie “the futurist” Shannon

Loves to talk about wonderful technology things like  – 5G, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, Visual Analytics, Next-Gen Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and on and on.


Terry “XR” Schussler

The ambassador of the metaverse in person or was it a colour with M?

Not sure if he is attend in real or a AI copy of him 🙂


Richard “the charity golfer” Ward

No words are needed to describe the inspiration for this event, which is due to its pioneering role in having implemented the world’s first charity golf tournament in VR.


Patrick “the passionist” Fish

An inspiration to all, a frontrunner in the daily use of virtual reality, but who likes to stay hidden because it is normal for him to do what he does.

your host of the panel discussion is


Thomas Riedel

He not only likes to talk about the metaverse, but about all topics related to it. A year ago, he could not have imagined that today he is one of Germany’s leading metaverse experts.

Happy to have “mr. metaverse of Germany” on board

the event – part two

lets have a great christmas party

Celebrate with us in a super Christmas location.
The more who come, the more money we can donate for “wir für Pänz”.

This is why we have removed all our limits, we believe that our system can host over 100 concurrent users in one session!

Do you believe this is possible?

Support with your attendees project of “wir für Pänz” as the whole ticket sales (excluding the handling fee of the ticket platform) will be donate to them.

If we are wrong and you really crash our system, we’ll set up standard workspaces where you can meet up with groups of up to 70 people, so you’ll all have plenty of time to get to know each other.

in conclusion

Help “Wir für Pänz” by joining our Event.

The entire proceeds from ticket sales (minus the ticket service provider’s handling fee) will go to “Wir für Pänz”.

Become part of this unique event and secure the right ticket.

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you need to have a Quest 1 or Quest 2 to join – make sure its fully charged, updated and the RAUM app is installed  

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