Get on bord

RAUM is currently provided via invitation only. To apply for RAUM follow the next steps

Gather your account information

To provide access to RAUM via Beta Channel Release, we need a few information of your account to prepare your access to RAUM

Your Name displayed in RAUM for your avatar

An email address to invite you to an onboarding session

Your email address that is registered at oculus (Invitiation)

Your oculus username  (Acces to RAUM)

Open the Oculus app on your smartphone

Click open „settings“ from the bottom menu

invite fade oculus oculushome

provide the email address for invitiation

invite fade oculus email

and your username for authorization

Get the email address shown reight below your name.
Tap on your profile and your avatar appears

invite fade oculus username

Get your oculus username from below your profile icon
(User names do not contain any spaces)

provide a name that you want to appear on your avatar

invite fade avatarname

please send the collected information to your contact person.

Your diaplay Name and your contact email address.

Your email address that is registered at oculus and your oculus username

Then it takes some time for us to process your application!

Follow the invitation send from Oculus

Check your spam folder if you do not receive any message

invite emailinvite

Put on your headset

VR Glasses

Search for RAUM in your Oculus Quest Store

Oculus Quest UI

Sometimes the application does not appear automically. If searching for  RAUM does not bring up any results, go to applications and filter for not installed on this device.
Install RAUM on your device

Install RAUM on your device

raum logo flat

After you first started the app, it will ask for serveral permissions, you will need to grant any of these, so RAUM can operate propperly.

Sometimes not all permissions are asked at the first run. Therefore we recommend restarting the app before the first use.

Familiarize yourself with the user interface

Take a look at the controls and flip through the pages to learn the first steps. Check the mirror to see if your avatar’s appearance matches your next meeting

invite login glasses

Be prepaired for your next meeting

Make sure your Headset and your Controllers are fully charged

Make sure you have freed enough space around you

Make sure your Oculus Quest is connected with your WiFi
(Do not use Guest WiFi / Prefer to use 5Ghz )

Provide a stable internet connection with low ping
(Use a personal hotspot if you have a bad connection)

Turn up your volume and unmute your microphone

Dail into your workspace

invite accesscode

Simply touch the number pads with your virtual finger.

If the code responds in green, you have granted access. If the code turns red, you are not allowed to access this specific workspace or an connection error occured.


I cannot login
It turns green but nothing more happens
  • Wait for host is displayed, therefore you can join when a host is present
  • The maximum number of participants for this workspace has reached
  • The internet connection / WiFi you are using is not forewarding all ports
It turns red
  • You are not registered for this workspace
  • Your Oculus Account Name is provided incorrectly or is registered incorrectly
  • You have no internet connection at the moment
I do not have audio
1. Check your device
  • Bring your devide volume up to the maximum
  • Check the permissions set for RAUM
  • Unmute your microphone in the device settings
2. Check your WiFi
  • Disable and enable WiFi on your quest
  • Switch to a WiFi without port blocking (No Guest WiFi)
  • Switch to a personal hotspot
3. Check your Quest
  • Update to the latest OS and RAUM release version
  • Reboot your device
4. Check RAUM
  • Open RAUM and touch the small „i“ button below the slides, to see your connection status
  • Unmute your self by thouching the mute button on your wrist watch
No one can hear me

Do not stream to other devices! When chrome casting or facebook live is activated, the operating system is routing your microphone to the device you are streaming to. 

  • 1. Do not cast to a chromecast device or a browser
  • 2. Do not share via facebook live

Check your permissions set for RAUM! Give access to the microphone, location and storage.

Reboot your Quest 


My avatar is grey
Create your self an Oculus avatar in your profile section of the device. We Recommend:
  • Do not wear virtual eyewear
  • Try to look as you as possible
  • Choose the right gender for you
raum logo flat